Technology Services - Technology Suppliers

Technology Strategy Review

PreviPharma will review your current technology portfolio for fit in the plasma industry. We identify gaps, mutually create a roadmap for the development of the right products and define activities to seize opportunities.

Technology Enhancement

PreviPharma will identify relevant benefits and parameters of the technology to clearly communicate Unique Selling Propositions. Development and optimization of leading technologies to incorporate specific customer requirements.

Fit-for-Purpose evaluation

Review of technology portfolio for any process area of plasma fractionation (e.g. clarification, AIEX, IEX, CIX, speciality solutions for purification of proteins).

Discrete analysis of existing or non-commercialized technologies for end-customers-to-market analysis and implementation (Cooperation and Marketing agreement).

Sales Collaboration

PreviPharma will enter into collaboration agreements with Technology Suppliers to market the evaluated technology. Patent Rights remain with the Owner of the technology. PreviPharma's industry experienced professionals will market the products with customers and evaluate demand.