Management Team - Dr. Dirk Müller

Dr. Dirk Müller - Director Scientific Business Development and R&D
Phone (+49) 151 22 867 367

Dirk was born in Germany and studied chemistry at Essen and Aachen Universities, from where he received a Dr. rer. nat. in organic chemistry in 2002.

Since graduation, he has worked in the chemical industry, starting with instrAction GmbH on the development of new carrier materials for chromatographic solutions for the separation of small and medium molecules. Later he was in charge of the development of new separation processes for human antibodies from blood products using new mixed mode gels.

Since 2009, he has worked at PreviPharma (an independent provider of consulting and technology services to the plasma industry) as Director Scientific Business Development developing several IgG process solutions as well as other protein isolation technologies.

Dr. Dirk Müller